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Better be safe than sorry…

Wasteland is doing its utmost to secure the safety of its visitors. Living on the edge is fun and exciting but there are certain precautions die hard party people should take to ensure a positive and memorable party experience. At all our party’s there is a well equipped first aid available. It is there for your well-being. Wasteland sets high standards when it comes to creating a safe party-environment, but we also expect a responsible conduct from the people who make the party, which is you. What follows are some important guidelines which will help to make your party as safe as possible.

Food and water

Pace yourself: Eat, sleep, rave. Take your time to chill
A party such as Wasteland draws an enormous amount of energy. You are constantly on the move and especially dancing costs a lot of energy. This means you have to prepare yourself properly for an event like this. Make sure you have had a good meal and drink enough water during the course of the evening. If you don’t, you risk dehydration and overheating of your body. Water is available at the bar, but is also accessible in the restrooms, free of charge.


Be prepared for any type of weather.
Prevent overheating of the body by wearing clothes which allow for air to come through. Considering the fetish dresscode (a lot of latex,) it is important to give this some extra attention. Especially in case you’re dancing all night long, when you will lose lots of body fluids. Make sure you’ve got something warm to wear when you leave the party. The outside temperature is usually considerably lower when you go home.

Meeting point

Arrange with your friends for a meeting point at the location, in case you might lose each other during the night. This will prevent that you’ll stay alone and have not as much fun.

Safe sex

ALWAYS use a condom. Prevent the spreading of sexual diseases, for yourself and others. Condoms are available at the entrance of the party, free of charge.


Think for yourself, care about others
You don’t make a party by yourself, this is something you do together. Therefore, watch out for each other. If you notice that someone’s in need of first aid, alert the security. You would appreciate it if others would do the same for you. In case of emergency it’s important not to waste any time.

Don’t use combinations

Using alcohol or other drugs is never harmless
Party drugs are not allowed at our events and we would like to remind you of your own responsibility in this. Most accidents occur when visitors consume combinations of alcohol and drugs. Combining the consumption of different kinds of drugs and alcohol poses enormous risks to your health!


Don’t push your limits. Be responsible.
Once you get older, your body won’t respond in the same way as in your younger days. Even if you’re still strong, attractive and young in spirit, time takes its toll. Truth is, that the body of a twenty year old can handle more than that of a forty year old person.

Be honest when things go wrong

The First Aid Team is your friend.
The following is especially important for our foreign visitors who are likely to be accustomed to a less tolerant environment. If the use of drugs is the reason for your problems, don’t deny it. The first aid officials are there to help you. It is vital that you provide them with all the information they need to do their job as good as possible. Police, parents or family won’t be alarmed without your consent.

Drive safely

Don’t drink, drug and drive.
Make arrangements for transportation. When you come by car, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don’t jeopardise your own and other people’s safety.

I love my ears

Loud music can damage your hearing. You might choose to wear earplugs. Avoid standing to close in front of the boxes.

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