Dive into the festival’s Post-Apocalyptic themen and dance like there is no tomorrow! Summerfest is for those who dare to be who they want to be… celebrating freedom!

A Saturday full of extraordinary live entertainment, art spaces & vehicles and spectacular shows by international performers. Circus performances, fire shows, dancers, contortionists and much more, featuring renowned DJs playing multiple genres of music on different stages

As the festival will be held in July, dress code guidelines are adjusted to the summer season. We’re allowing fabric for this event but make sure to add a Post-Apocalyptic twist into your outfit and express your personal fetish! For the ones that need help with their transformation we offer a styling station to turn you into a Post-Apocalyptic Maniac… The decision of the bitch is final!

Dress code Inspiration: Post-Apocalyptic Warrior, Mad Max, Body Art, Steam Punk, Desert Nomad, Baroque, Goth, Leather, Uniform, Army dress, Plastic, Latex, Metal, Cross-Dress, Cyberpunk, Victorian, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish Glamour…

Please notice that Kaap Oost is quite sandy so high heels are not recommended. There is plenty of parking space and lockers are available

Location: Food trucks, Art-cars, First Aid, Maze, Circus Tent, Kaap Amsterdam, Romney, Outdoor stages, Market post-apocalyptic clothing and much more ….

Dj: Will be updated ….

Performing: Will be updated …..

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