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Wasteland Summerfest

Post-Apocalytpic Edition

A Saturday full of extraordinary live entertainment, art spaces and spectacular shows by inter-national performers. Circus performances, fire shows, dancers, contortionists and much more, featuring renowned DJs playing multiple genres of music on different stages.

To create a unique festival atmosphere Wasteland teams up with Kitkatclub (Berlin) and Rapido (Amsterdam), Dive into the festival’s Post-Apocalyptic theme and dance like there is no tomorrow!

Food trucks, Art-cars, First Aid, Circus Tent, Kaap Amsterdam, Romney, Outdoor stages, Market post-apocalyptic clothing and much more ….

De Sluwe Vos |Funkerman | Joey Daniel |Der PUK (DE) | Juliana X | Saeed Ali | Micky Markowitz (DE) | G-double-E | Hansom | Clark Kent (DE) | JRW |

Morgan | Joost van Bellen | Ed Noodle | Stefano Richetta | Steve Kennedy | Nosh C 

Lucien Foort | Clark Kent | Jelle Bolijn
Vj: Hans Bijloo

La Mere Dragon (FR) | Wasteland Warriors | Marc van Vlaanderen (BE) | Natsumi Scarlet | Nikita Klosewood & Mystic Tribes (FR) | Jaded Jewall | Baron & Deanna (UK) | Thijs Mikx | Ropemarks | Pop My Ego (HU) | Tempestade and many more … will be updated

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Dress Code

Wasteland has a strict dress code. We expect our guests
to expose creativity and fantasy into their outfits.
The dress code is vigorously checked by our Doorbitches.
There are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.
The decision of the Bitch is final!


Kaap Oost
Ijdijk 10
Amsterdam | Netherlands

Please notice that Kaap Oost is quite sandy so high heels are not recommended. Lockers are available